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Thinking of Adopting from Haiti? It Might Not Be the Right Time.

This article from the Motherlode, the New York Times parenting blog, does a good job of explaining why now may not be the time to adopt from Haiti. According to Jane Aronson of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation :

“Adoption is not the way to solve absolutely massive, tragic issues of vulnerable children,” she says. “An earthquake is a traumatizing event. The best thing for these children is to keep them in their communities, with neighbors and relatives, and with food and shelter and safety.”

While adoption from Haiti has always been a long process, the tremendous bureaucratic and logistical difficulties in Haiti right now make it nearly impossible. Finding or replacing birth documents medical records, and arranging immigration papers are scarcely priorities in a nation where so many are struggling to survive. Most importantly, Haiti must go through the long but crucial process of finding out which children are orphans and which are merely lost or separated from their families.

By now, most people have heard the news about the U.S. Baptist church group that has been detained after trying to bring 33 Haitian children out of Haiti . At first, reports said that the children were orphans, but it has recently come to light that most of the children have family alive in Haiti. The story highlights how well-meaning people can run into serious trouble while trying to “help” Haitian children. While the pictures we see in the news every day tug urgently at our hearts, it’s important to remember how much more important it is to do adoption right than it is to do it quickly. The most important quality a family adopting from any country must have is patience. So let’s wait for Haiti to be ready for us to open our doors, and remember that there are many, many children who need loving homes, many of them right here in the United States.

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