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You Can Help Save Leah’s House

I very, very rarely endorse charitable causes on the site. There are simply too many, and sorting the well-managed ones from the other kind can be daunting. However, I want to take a moment to share a dear friend’s story. If you are looking for a good cause for your charitable giving this holiday season, please consider helping to Save Leah’s House.

I will let the website speak for itself, but I want to say a word about this sweet family. My dear friend Susan and her husband adopted their sweet daughter Leah in 2009 when she was a newborn. When I give seminars, I often use their family as an example of how well open adoption can work, as they have a lovely, open relationship with Leah’s birth mother. I also use them as an example of why people with disabilities should not despair of ever getting “chosen” by a birth mother. Michael had Norrie’s Disease, a rare genetic condition that caused him to be blind and hard of hearing. He was one of the most positive, motivated people I have ever known, and strove to excellence in every aspect of his life, including fatherhood. He called Leah his “little angel.” Michael passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on July 12, 2012 after he collapsed while having dinner with the family.

Please consider Susan and Leah in your holiday giving plans. Here’s the link again: Save Leah’s House.

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Happy National Adoption Day!

November 17 is National Adoption Day, and communities around the country are celebrating with special events. Many communities, like mine, host a special celebration at the courthouse where all adoptive families who have finalized this year are honored, and many adoptions are officially finalized in a special ceremony. You can find a list of events here.

But National Adoption Day is not just about adoptive families. I hope that those who know a mother who has placed her child for adoption will reach out and let them know they are loved and supported.

However you celebrate, enjoy the day.

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Celebrating National Adoption Month

It’s been a while since I posted, as things have been busy, busy, busy at The Vaughan Firm! Welcome to all my newest clients, and congratulations for those who are celebrating their finalizations this month.

November is National Adoption Month, a time to celebrate, learn about, and teach others about adoption. To kick it off, I’ve compiled an interesting list. Most everyone knows what celebrities have adopted a child. Do you know which celebrities were adopted themselves? Here are a few.

Steve Jobs
Art Linkletter
Kristin Chenoweth
Edgar Allen Poe
John Lennon
Faith Hill
Jamie Foxx
Debbie Harry
Tim McGraw
Sarah McLauchlan
Nelson Mandela
Leo Tolstoy
Nat King Cole
Babe Ruth
Malcolm X

I bet you never expected to see a list that included both Leo Tolstoy and Snooki. There you have it, folks. Did I miss any of your favorite celebrities who were adopted? Post them in the comments!

Do you have more questions about adoption? Contact The Vaughan Firm to speak with an adoption attorney.

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