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Below are my answers to the adoption quiz. Did you answer differently? No problem! This quiz is a high school student’s dream in that there are no wrong answers. If you are thinking about choosing an adoption type for your own family, contact us at info (at) vaughanfirm (dot) com to receive our free Adoption Decisionmaking Toolkit.

1. Ellen and Mike
Ellen and Mike are an older couple – both in their late forties. Ellen runs a small, part-time sewing business from home to help make ends meet, while Mike works full time. They have no doubt in their minds that they want to adopt a healthy newborn, but they are flexible on other factors (race, gender, etc.). Mike describes himself as laid-back and easygoing, while Ellen is anxious and has a lot of worries about adoption.

Answer: Ellen and Mike will almost certainly choose a domestic private adoption. First, because they are certain that they want to adopt a newborn with no known health problems or disabilities, both foster-care adoption and international adoption are off the list. Second, their age may be a problem for many agencies, many of which have policies setting a maximum age (usually around 45 for the younger parent). Private adoption will work well with Ellen’s part-time schedule, since the most successful searches for a birth mother happen when the adoptive family can treat the search like a long-term, part-time job. Since money is tight, private adoption probably fits their budget better, as well. The most important factor for Ellen and Mike to have a successful private adoption will be for them to choose their attorney carefully. Since Ellen is a rather anxious person, they will want to ask around until they find a lawyer who has a reputation for returning calls and emails promptly and offering ample support throughout the process.

2. Ashley and Jim
Ashley and Jim have decided to adopt after a long struggle with infertility. They both have high-powered jobs and travel a lot, so they don’t have much time to devote to the process of adoption. Because of these high-powered jobs, they have a generous adoption budget and aren’t concerned about cost. After all the infertility treatments and stress, Ashley and Jim just really want someone to handle the whole process for them.

Answer: Ashley and Jim would probably be happiest with a domestic agency adoption. Because they have chaotic schedules, Ashley and Jim can’t easily take time off to go abroad (possibly multiple times) for an international adoption, and they don’t have time to look for a birth mother themselves. Although it’s possible to make a birth-mother search fit into a busy schedule (more on this in the Adoption Decisionmaking Toolkit), Ellen and Jim probably don’t need this with their budget. Although agency adoption is significantly more expensive than private adoption, it is probably worth it to them in light of their limited time and high anxiety level. The most important factor for Ashley and Jim will be to choose an agency with a good reputation, to avoid adding more stress to the mix.

3. Tamara and Miguel
Tamara and Steve are a young couple, just married for a few years. They met in the Peace Corps and enjoy traveling the world and experiencing other cultures. Sarah studied psychology and social work in school and is now a school counselor, while Miguel is an architect. They’re particularly interested in adopting a child from Colombia, where Miguel’s family is from, or possibly from Haiti or Ethiopia, both of which they have visited.

Answer: It doesn’t take an “A” student to figure out that Tamara and Miguel should probably pursue an international adoption. Sharing your own cultural heritage or truly getting to know, celebrate, and integrate another culture into your family are great reasons to choose international adoption. Also, Tamara and Steve’s love of travel will make the necessary visit(s) to the child’s country of origin a pleasure rather than a chore. Because Tamara and Steve are young, the sometimes long wait times associated with international adoption will not be as much of a problem as they might be for an older couple like Ellen and Mike. And Tamara’s background in child psychology may help their family better navigate the attachment and development issues that internationally adopted children sometimes experience. The only question mark in this scenario is their budget — because international adoption is generally quite a bit more expensive than domestic adoption, this may be a consideration for Tamara and Miguel.

4. Sarah and John
Sarah and John are another young couple. John is an accountant, while Sarah is a freelance writer who really dreams of being a stay-at-home mom. Like they do with most new things that they take on, Sarah and John have done a lot of research about adoption. They are highly organized and like to be in control of situations to the extent possible. They also like to know exactly how their money is being spent. They want to adopt a newborn, preferably a girl.

Answer: Domestic Private Adoption is a natural choice for Sarah and John. Because they want to adopt a newborn, foster adoption and international adoption are both off the table. That leaves domestic agency or private adoption. Because Sarah has a flexible schedule working from home, she has time to devote to the “long-term, part-time job” of searching for a birth mother. Posting profiles online, printing up 3×5 cards or business cards with contact information, placing ads in the paper, etc. will be easy for Sarah to fit into her work schedule. Keeping track of the process (and of all the documentation they will need for their Adoption Tax Credit) will come naturally to this organized couple. They prefer to research things themselves and be in control of the situation, which also points more towards a private adoption than an agency one. Also unlike in an agency adoption, Sarah and John will see exactly where their money is going, because they will be paying each bill themselves rather than paying an agency a lump sum.

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